Projects: Loteria Playing Cards

One of the richest, catching color tones and detailed designs on playing cards inspired by the Mexican Game Loteria.

A colloboration between 1 Simple Idea and DNIGMA.

LOTERIA playing cards features a Premium CRUSHED Stock with a Silky and Smooth Linen Air Cushion Finish printed by USPCC. Its whole front design was inspired by the exclusive Mexican traditional board game "La Loteria" and then it was fusion with modern, artistic, and gorgeous illustrations. 

Quality Specifications:

  • 56 Poker size cards (includes a gaff card and the THANK YOU card)  
  • Marking system on the back face  
  • Crushed stock 
  • Magic Finish also known as air cushion for smooth sliding  
  • Premium grade – Bee Casino Stock  
  • 100% unique deck design created by Mexican artists 
  • Printed by the renowned United States Playing Cards Company (USPCC)  

Loteria Playing Cards

 Loteria Playing Cards

 Loteria Playing Cards

Also each back card comes with a lovely marking system that reveals the identity of each card, including both of the jokers, it is easy to learn and has a unique and simple method to do so. In seconds you can amaze and guess any card!  


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